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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Moving House
Dancing Kitty
Hey, time for some real news. After four years and eight months, I'm moving out of this flat of mine - the famed Batchelor Pad.

As mentioned previously, me and my extremely silly girlfriend are moving in together.

I moved in here back in February of 2005(!), when I was breaking up with my then fiancée. I'd moved in with her - first time I'd ever lived with a partner - down in the southern suburbs. North Caulfield in fact. The southern suburbs didn't take, nor did the engagement for that matter!

So I needed a place, rather quickly, to move to. The rental market then wasn't as fucked as it is now, and I found this place on the internet on a Sunday, viewed it on the Monday, and then rented it on the Tuesday!

I always thought of this place as being temporary, until I found another partner and got on with my life. But... it didn't quite work that way. This is in fact the longest I've lived in one place since I moved out of home in 1993.

And of course who can forget the ill-advised two and a half year relationship with a certain bassoonist - that didn't really help the plan along.

Anyway, I've moved all my books, my stereo and various other random shit to the new place. I'll be out of here finally just after my birthday.