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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Most Of My Recent Entries
Most of my recent entries seem to have been apologies for not posting more often. Er, so... Sorry for not posting more often. I really have been stupidly busy. Here are some of my many excuses:

There's an accursed project I'm working on in my cubicle, which refuses to go away. In fact, it more or less blew up in my face when I got back from overseas, and has caused me to (amongst other things) get to work at 5.30AM last Tuesday, also to work a number of 50 hour weeks, and to have members of the management very annoyed with me - sometimes unjustly.

I'm also studying "Management Perspectives", the second subject in my MBA. I'm finding it hard to fine the time to actually study, plus when I do, I find I can't study for more than about two and a half to three hours a day without my brain turning into pudding. I just can't push more information into it! I've been behind from the start - the subject actually started when I was in Switzerland. There's an assignment due in just over two weeks as well. So lots of things have been falling of my agenda - unfortunately most of them social engagements :-(

On top of which, I have to get my place into a presentable state for a house inspection for the middle of next week - which reminds me, I have to find a place to secret my cat. My usual place - my cousin's - doesn't work, because she's in Copenhagen for six months! Go figure.

And! I'm sort of house hunting, looks like Deb and I will be moving in together - more on that in a moment.

And.... I've been helping organise my toastmasters club contests, as well as planning to compete, which means I have to write two speeches...

So, all in all, I haven't been on Livejournal much of late. I have been twittering vigorously as usual (now over 7000 tweets!) if you want to really keep track of me :-)