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Speaking Of Travelling....
Man, getting home was HARD. For the first few days I kept on waking up in my bed, looking around and going "what is this strange place???"

And going back to work was a major pain in the butt. Both the projects that I was working on when I left were still going and desperately needed my attention...

And much as I feared, I now have the travel bug - and I'm not talking about the fun Giardia infection I brought back from Cambodia. BTW, looking up pictures of a parasite whilst you actually have the parasite is a really bad idea. I could feel their little flagella flailing...

So, here then are the next three.... No, wait, four... trips I want to take, in roughly the order I want to take them:

Return trip to Cambodia Cambodia freaked me out, in some ways, although I'll go into that more when I get around to blogging about my time there. But I'd like to go back for a few reasons - it's close by, it's warm, it's cheap and the few bucks I spent on things probably genuinely helped the locals. So, possibly as soon as winter of 2010, I'd like to go back for up to three weeks, head to Siem Reap and Ankor, Phnom Penh, and a town on the coast called Kep. Basically, lazing about in the tropics to get away from winter.

Central Australia It's about bloody time I made it to Uluru and the Olga's! Fly in, walk around the Rock, take it from there.

American Cities Trip There are several other cities in the States I'd like to go to. Chicago, San Francisco, to name a couple. So I might try and do a big arc across the country, start in California, end up back in New York.

The Netherlands and more Berlin (shite, I still haven't blogged about my time in Berlin...) I'd like to spend some more time - up to a month - in Berlin. Interesting city, really feel like I only scratched the surface. And I have loads of distant relatives in the Netherlands, so I should pop in there, visit the places my family is from.

And on top of all that, I'd like to live overseas for a couple of years. Not really sure where, except it needs to have a couple of requirements: first world, English as the main language. And somewhere that Deb could also get a job. I could pretty easily get work in London or New York or San Fran or even Chicago, to name some places. Or even Singapore. That might also enable to me to see more of the States - London to New York is not far :-)

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How many stamps does YOUR passport have????

Actually I only got it in May last year, so not that many ;-)

There's a guy in Berlin who will stamp your passport with old East German stamps if you ask him nicely (and hand over the Euros!)

Central Australia

Go to Uluru because you have to but allow more time for Kata Tjuta. It is more interesting and there is more to see and explore. Sitting at the top of the Valley of the Winds and watching the shadows of the clouds on the plain that goes on for so. fucking. far is awe inspiring and the scope of the rocks, the valley and the whole place are utterly amazing.
And there are also .01% percent as many tourists there as at Uluru.

For the experience to be complete though, you have to drive via Adelaide, Port Augusta, Woomera and Coober Pedy in a mid-70's Gemini with no air conditioning. No flying. Camp under the stars.

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