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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Long Delayed Update
Badtz Maru 2
Hey all, if there is still anyone reading this blog!

I haven't updated in nearly two months, probably since I was in Cambodia, mostly because I still plan to blog about every single day of my trip. Trouble is, I have had almost zero spare time since I landed back in the country on July 10th. The last few weeks at work have been hellish for starters (more on that later) and I ended up having two weeks in a row working nearly 50 hours (welcome home!). Not to mention my MBA, I'm doing my second subject and I'm well behind still...

Plus I have a terrible inability to say "no", so I end up helping to organise Toastmasters contests and indeed competing in them. Not to mention right at this moment building a new computer for my brother...

Trouble is, as I recall I was up to blogging about my second or third day in Paris, which means I have yet to mention Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland or Cambodia! The last few weeks of my trip were a bit manic :-)

I do still want to jot all this stuff down, if only for my sake. I have a shit short term memory and I want to record as much as I can whilst it still fresh in my brain.

So... I will try and find the time to finish writing about Paris at least this week. And I must finish tagging and uploading my pictures.

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I'm terrible with commenting lately -- when am I not? *sigh* -- but I definitely still read your journal and I've been really enjoying reading some of your trip posts. They make me want to save up and head overseas myself. Ahh if only...maybe one day :)

If it's any comfort, I haven't really read anyone else's LJ since may. I am a bad social networker (470 friends on facebook notwithstanding).

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