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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Moon over Phnom Penh
Drawing of a trike
Tonight is the second last night I'm in Phnom Penh, the second last night of my trip.

Phnom is hot and still tonight, the top of my tshirt was soaked with sweat. I had a beerlao, following my tradition of having a beer in every country I've been to.

This country is sad in a lot of ways, here I am seen mostly as a source of American dollars by various vendors and drivers.

I lay out on the balcony, on a hammock, like the ex-pats of old, looking at the full moon and the clouds racing past it. A pair of contrails lined the sky, and for a brief moment, a plane was silhouetted against the moon. It's trails bisected the moon, and gave it whiskers on both sides for a moment, till they they drifted away. The plane flashed it's lights as it carried on across the sky. I'll be getting on one of them in about forty eight hours.

A man with no fingers tried to help me lift our bags into the back of a cab at the airport the other day, and we had no small notes to give him, so he just looked sadly at the car as it drove away.

This place is only a half a day from my home. I feel like such a lucky human tonight.

A huge cloud was gathering over the Mekong, and now and again lightning jumped around inside it.

All the dollars in my wallet and all the dollars in my account would not make a dent in the misery here...

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Home soon.

I hate being a wallet on legs. I got a strong sense of that in Indonesia. I imagine Cambodia would be worse.

Great diary, by the way!

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