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Bangers and Mash, mate!
Drawing of a trike
Sunday morning in Tooting, we dragged ourselves out of bed and went hunting for a particular food establishment (not Pizza this time). There are a fair number of odd food chains in the UK, Leon, which serves healthy fair of interesting salads and the like, Paul which is a chain of French bakeries. And S and M Cafe, which specialises in whips and chains. Er, no, wait... The S stands for Sausage and the M stands for Mash! It's not entirely clear if they were aware of the double meaning... We actually visited two, the first being closed, but amusingly close to the building they call the Pickle, but which I call the Willy. Or 30 St Mary's Axe, to give it it's proper address. So I took some photos of that and the nearby Lloyd's building, which is also distinctive for having most of its working bits - aircon and elevators and stairs - on the outside, not unlike the Pompidou Centre. Eventually we made our way to a nearby part of town, and finally found an open S&M Cafe.

Someone had packaged up British stodgy food and made a virtue of it. The place specialised in sausages and, you guessed it, mash. And related British food like beans and fried eggs and so forth. So I had a substantial breakfast, for lunch mind you, with sausages, bacon, eggs, beans etc. etc. etc. Basically the usual pile of things I'd have for breakfast out anywhere! And it was very good, I have to say.

We wandered around the area some more, and I visted a quite large bike shop. Then we headed back to Tooting.

I needed to wash my merger supply of clothing, since I was carrying only about a weeks worth of gear with me. So Mikey took me to the local laundromat, which was run by a very talkative Iraqi. We actually ended up getting there quite late in the piece, but they guy decided to stay open when I told him I had to wash my gear since I was off to Paris the next day! He then regaled us with a number of stores about his time in the Iraqi army, being shelled by the Iranians and other fun stuff! He had a very interesting world view, for example firmly believing that the US had a base on the moon...

Finally, I dragged myself to the local Tooting gym, lifted some weights.


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