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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Stuff What Happens At Home
Drawing of a trike
Man, weird shit has been happening at home this week, as I sit here in Cambodia.

My little brother works in a laboratory at Melbourne Uni. Last week someone dropped a bottle of some liquid which decomposed quickly into a cloud of Cyanide gas. My brother wasn't in t he room, thankfully, but several people he works with were - some of whom, hence forth to be known as idiots, tried to clean up the spill with paper towels! Several folks were overcome by the fumes and had to be shipped off to hospital.

And my cousin, who edits the Age website, was retrenched this week. Fairfax media are a pack of fools, sounds like the print folks are pulling the strings there. Sell your Fairfax shares if you have them. Although it's also possible they'll replace him with someone younger and cheaper.

Speaking of which, my aunt was also retrenched, from a job she's had for some fifteen years helping to run a social work service provider. Seems the new owners didn't see eye to eye with the existing management and sent most of them packing.

And finally, my cousin Brita's partner, Emma, got herself lost overnight in the Grampians on a walk. Not the sort of thing you'd want to do in winter in Victoria! She didn't have a phone or anything, so huddled under a tree until dawn, then was able to find her way back to (my!) car. Did I mention she and Brita have been baby sitting my car for me whilst I've been away? And that Brita is pregnant and about ready to pop???