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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Drawing of a trike
London has some places with really funny names. Cockfosters being a personal favourite. Deb and I were on a tube train which had that as its final destination. We giggled a great deal every time the destination was announced. Not to mention places whose names have been plagiarised for Australian locations - Camberwell, Eltham, Camden and even St Kilda - which is an island off the north east coast of the UK. And then the plane strange places, like Marble Arch, where there is a marble arch, and Swiss Cottage where there is, you guessed it, a Swiss cottage.

Deb has an Australian friend, an ex-boyfriend in fact, who lives in the delightfully named Tooting. We left our lodgings in lovely quiet Blackheath, and headed out to a station called Tooting Broadway. Man, you couldn't make this stuff up... Anyway, we went to stay with him (Mikey) and his wife (Cecily).

Tooting is more like the "Real" London according to Deb, who found Blackheath a smidgen clean and suburban. Having seen some of the scruffy parts of London, I can't say that's a bad thing... And indeed, staying in Tooting was far more of a London as a broke itinerant Australian might experience it. Mikey, an Aussie, is married to a Londoner, Cecily (she of he lack of Lego at Legoland). They live in a falling down house in the aforementioned Tooting, a house in which every single floorboard creaks, where one of the showers works some of the time, until the hot water goes haywire. And they share it with three blokes from New Zealand... And Deb and I crashed on the living room floor on an inflatable mattress we took turns inflating with only our lungs! So all in all, a very London experience.

We shifted all our crap from Zoya's place to Mikey's place, after getting back from Legoland. We blew up our mattress (literally) and then headed out for Curry! Whatever else you might say about Tooting, it does have good curry. We ordered far to much of it and had a great old feast. And finally got some sleep....