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More Bad News From Home - It Never Rains but it Pours
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*sigh* I am so very homesick.

Exactly a week after my ancient and amazing grandmother died, and not twenty four hours after she was buried, the mother of my Aunt, and hence the grandmother for many of my cousins, also took her last breath. It's been a tough week for my family back home, and especially my aunt and her branch of my family. It really is making me feel a long, long way from home.

She will be buried in Bairnsdale on Saturday Australian time, next to her husband. Her name was Rakel, she was the mother of my aunt Turid, and the wife of Thor (yes, as in the god of thunder!) They were originally from Norway (you'd never have guessed) and moved to Australis after retirement because both their children and all their grandchildren where here. Must have been tough changing countries that late in life...

My grandmother, aka Marion aka Farmor, was burried on Friday. Late Thursday, which was early Friday their time, I called everyone I could think of - my dad, some of my cousins - just to tell them all I was thinking of them. My aunt and a number of my cousins who live in Switzerland where there, I'm visiting them later this week and funnily enough they'll have seen my dad more recently than me. Life is very strange sometimes. My sister and her husband, who I am also visiting, in Phenom Phen, were there too.

My sister read something at the funeral for me, which I greatly appreciated. They also made a recording of it for me. And when I get back, the first thing I'm going to do is to take some flowers out to the St. Andrew's Cemetery...

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:( I'm sorry for your loss. *hugs*

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