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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Bad News From Home
Drawing of a trike
My usual travelogue will have to pause for a moment, although this is a travel related story of sorts. And my apologies for the long gaps between entries - I've been a busy traveller.

When one is travelling, one worries that bad things will happen back at home - your cat runs away, your cousin crashes your car, someone pinches your bike.

But what's the worst possible thing that can happen whilst you're on a long trip out of the country?

Well I just found out :-(

My last remaining grandparent, my Father's increasing frail mother, my grandmother, slipped from us very early Saturday morning Australian time.

I had a premonition this might happen, I mean, it was on the list of worst possible things that could go wrong. I even made a point of visiting her before I left. Which proved, it now seems, to have been the right thing to do...

My family have all urged me to carry on my trip. I was in London when this happened, just back from Paris and heading to Berlin, where I am now, a few days after that. I've never been overseas before, and had been planned this trip for at least eighteen months.

And to give you some idea of how well travelled we are, my family: My Dad was on his way to Hong Kong when this happened - he turned around and came straight back again. My sister and her husband live in Cambodia. I'm here in Europe. My aunt is in Norway. And I have an aunt and four cousins living in Switzerland. And to their credit all these folks will be there later this week for the funeral.

I've written something for my sister to read on my behalf at the funeral, much as I did for her at our grandfather's funeral last year. I will post it here at some point.

She was 97, and so frail she was at that stage when she could slip from us at any moment, from one breath to the next, literally.

And boy has this made me homesick :-(

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