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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Last Three Days in New York
Drawing of a trike
Damn, I'm so staggeringly behind in my blogging, I'm going to have to get my butt into gear! I've been in the UK now for nearly two weeks, and tomorrow I'm off to Paris!!! And I still haven't finished blogging about my last few days in the US.

So, here's what I got up to Saturday and Sunday whilst I was there... In no particular order.

Saturday night, I took myself out to a comedy club in the East Village, a place called the Eastville in fact. I picked it more or less at random after doing a google search for comedy clubs in NY. Oh, prior to that I'd utterly failed to visit a gym called Golds - I made it there, but it turned out the opening times listed on there website were wrong. Whilst I was there, I blundered into the threatre where The Late Show with Dave Letterman is recorded - the Ed Sullivan theatre in fact. The show was on hiatus for a couple of weeks, but I was amused by a tshirt in their gift shop which said "Pants" across the front.

Back to the comedy gig! I had to queue out the front for an age, so it seemed. There was a queue stretching about half a block. I wanted to go to the 10PM show, but the 8PM show was running late. There was also a midnight show - they certainly utilise their venues well in the East Village!
Eventually they let us in. The comedy place was a medium sized basement, with a tiny stage big enough for maybe one person and a microphone stand. The night was hosted by Justin Silver, who apparently has a day job on Law and Order. He was a funny fellow. There were five other comedians on that evening, and I'm sorry to say I can only recall the name of one of them - Esther Ku, although one of them might have been Sherrod Small, his face certainly looks familiar.

One interesting thing about the bar. First they slugged me twenty bucks to get in, then told me they had something called a "two drink minimum". Thankfully it turned out the two drinks could be cranberry juice, so that was what I had two of. Not to mention the buffalo wings - which sure looked like they came from a chicken.

The stand ups were pretty damn funny, for the most part. Some of the jokes really made sense only because of things I'd seen in New York whilst I was there. But some of the comedy was a bit... I don't know. They talked about race and racial stereo types a fair bit, and tried to work some humour out of that. The kind of thing you just wouldn't do on an Australian stage (I'm guessing). But I had an interesting evening, and I did laugh heartily.

I must have got up to more stuff that Saturday, but I can't remember what it was and I can't be bothered to wade through my own Twitter stream to work out what it was!

Sunday I finally made it to Golds Gym. Excellent gym after all that. Spread over three levels, lots of interesting equipment, On the way out, I picked up a demented smoothy from the cafe in the foyer - it was called the Velvet Elvis, and featured amoungst other things, peanut butter! A very odd drink indeed, with a peanuty taste all the way through.

Sunday evening, I met up again with my friend Andy Shaw, who is from Oz (well, in fact the UK originally) in Times Square. I was delayed a little, because I encountered a moon walking dwarf street performer in Times Square Station. We took photos of each other with Elmo - although in retrospect I should have had my picture taken with the Hello Kitty who was wandering around there. Then we had an overpriced sandwich at some chain restaurant there. And saw a forgettable play which was a murder mystery. I've been trying to decipher the plot since I saw it and it still seemed to complicated to relate.

So we decided it was time to head to a bar. I'd heard good things about the Lower East Side, so we decided to head down there and see what we could find. We hopped on the F train, which was supposed to take us to one of a number of stations in the LES, but then started heading off on it's own merry way on a different track entirely. They driver made some announcements about changing trains further along if we wanted specific stations, so we hug on, as did about six confused locals who also had no idea what the subway train was doing. Eventually they told us to change trains, at what turned out to be a station in Brooklyn! So we had to catch a train back into Manhattan!
Finally in the LES, we wandered a bit and picked a nice little bar more or less at random. Fleet Week was on - basically half the US navy turns up in NY and disgorges sailors into the city - so there were at least three sailors in the bar. I decided it was high time I had an actually drink - the last beer I'd had was in October of 2008! So on Andy's recommendation, I had a Brooklyn Lager. Which was indeed far nicer than I had been led to expect from an American beer. We got talking to a middle aged American bloke, whose sole interest seemed to be strip clubs and the like - wanted to know if I could recommend any in Melbourne! Not my area of expertise, not by a long shot.

Then I was persuaded to have another brew, a strawberry beer, which was rather tasty. Eventually we staggered out of the bar, and got mildly lost looking for a subway train. We found one - not the one we'd been looking for - and watched a rat playing on the platform whilst we waited for a train.

I had to say goodbye to Andy when I jumped off the train to change lines - the next time I'll see him will be in Australia.

So, the day before I had to fly to the UK, I got to bed at a about 2AM.....