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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Brooklyn Bridge
Popping Ears
Wednesday in New York (Yes, I'm now a week and a half behind in my blogging. These entries might get a little shorter from here on) I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge - there are some pictures here in this set on flickr.

Actually, before I made it to the bridge itself, I ended up in the Fulton Street area of New York. Nice part of the city, lots of winding older streets, unlike the grid on most of Manhattan. I also blundered into what purported to be the biggest IT retailer in the city... And didn't really find anything that I couldn't get in Melbourne or online.

So wondered over to start of the bridge walkway. Me and some four thousand tourists did the walk. The only natives I encountered were on bikes, and pissed off with everyone blundering into their lane!

It's a nice walk. Really nice, you get a view of the city and a distant view of the Statue of Liberty. It was a warm day and it really is an impressive bridge. They're very proud of it too, there are lots of panels under both arches describing the building of the bridge. The cables holding it up form a very graceful set of arcs.

That week was also Fleet Week in NY. Whilst I was on the bridge, a large Navy vessel was entering the East River, complete with tug boats blowing water spouts.

I wandered off the bridge, and turned left into an area they call DUMBO, for "Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass". As opposed to Dumbo. It's a recently gentrified area of Brooklyn, lots of old warehouses which have been turned into shops and apartments.

Then I wandered over to the other side of the shore front of Brooklyn, and had a rather ace organic beef burger.

And that's about as far as I got into Brooklyn. I'm sure there was more to it, but I didn't really have the energy to penetrate further into the borough.

So I hopped on a train, which delightfully was on the line that lead past the place I was staying, and headed over to the rather unusual Intrepid Air and Space Museum. It's a retired aircraft carrier, the USS Intrepid, which is now parked at a pier in the Hudson with a whole bunch of random aircraft parked on it! Most of them aircraft which would never have fitted on an aircraft carrier - such as an A-12, which would need a heck of a runway to get off the ground! Not to mention a more or less randomly parked Concorde, sitting next to it on the pier...

An aircraft carrier is a mighty big ship, I have to say. And this is apparently a small one by comparison to the more recent ones.

And then, I trundled back to the place I was staying in the Upper West Side, and we went off to see the aforementioned play.