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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Krazy Kat
More out of sequence posts - sorry.

Monday night, May 18th, I had dinner with a woman called Linda. Who is my brother-in-law's mother (got that? Her son is married to my sister!), and is now the only native New Yorker that I know! Well, aside from Zach my sisters husband of course. But he lives in Cambodia and Linda lives on Long Island.

I was instructed to have dinner with Linda by my mother, who has never met her, although the communicate via email and what have you. And hey, I'm in a strange city, it's always nice to meet someone who vaguely knows of you :-)

And Linda is lovely! She has one of those classic Jewish New Yorker accents - er, if there is such a thing, maybe it's just a classic New York accent. We had dinner at a not bad Italian restaurant near where I was staying on Manhattan.

She's a retired school teacher, living somewhere out on Long Island (or maybe it was the outer edges of Queens, now that I think about it, which is still on Long Island). I told her about all the tourist stuff I was was doing in NY, which she found very interesting, because it's all stuff she hasn't done herself. Which is often the way with natives to a city, you live it in it your whole life but never, say, go up the Empire State Building. Or, as she put it, never go north of 96th street!

I also recommended to her the ferry I went on that trundled around the island.

We had a great time, got on like a house on fire, and I saw her off on the subway at 72nd street and Broadway. I should send her a postcard from my continuing world-wide adventures!

And so I guess technically she's family now, although I have no idea how that works - mother in law once removed perhaps??? Any suggestions?