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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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The Wet Spots
Stooges Dancer
By some miracle of timing, on my first weekend in New York, I got invited (well, via Myspace, so it wasn't THAT personal) to a gig by a delightful little outfit called The Wet Spots. I'd corresponded with them briefly some months back, when they almost made it to Melbourne for the Comedy Festival. But their venue and their promoter fell through, so the closest they got was Adelaide.

But as luck would have it, they had a show on at a place called Joe's Pub, for one night only, the day after I arrived here in NY!

They look like this on stage: The Wet Spots on Stage.

And like this when they're hugging me:
Paul and the wet spots!

They describe themselves as "Just your average bi-sexual poly-amorous married couple burlesque duo performing songs about sex". Which of course one comes across all the time...

And they sound like this:

In fact, that's how I first encountered them - that song is compelling in it's own way! Then it turned up again on a CD owned by my beautiful girlfriend Deb, along with many other classics along the same lines.

Their show is hilarious. Mind you, I guess there's so much to work with... It included them spanking a member of the audience - who then got to spank Cass, the lady in the act! As she put it "Hit it hard, it's not like you're going to miss it! It's the size of an ottoman!" They also did a surprisingly accurate impression of a pearl diver vibrator, complete with rotating actions and various ticklers!

Historical factoid: they apparently met at an open mic night in Toronto, John was playing Sitar, and Cass was doing Lesbian love poetry. That must have been an interesting open-mic evening........

New York gigs are different from Aussies ones, well, at least when they're in a bar. They were tables for example, and table service. And I think I bought a ticket to the wrong show - there was another thing on beforehand, which appeared to be a musical about Ada Lovelace and Babbage's Difference Engine. Which was mildly amusing. When I saw three things on the gig listing, I assumed it was like three bands as per, say, the Empress in Fitzroy. But no, the place more or less cleared out between bands. And I managed to score a seat on a couch, which my aching knees much appreciated :-)

The gig finished around 1AM, and I managed to chat the duo a little after the show - and acquire one of their CDs. They also promised me they'll be in Australia in April next year, when I shall drag you all along.

I caught the subway "home", which was surreal. The stations and the train are still crowded even at that time of day. I encountered whole families as well as people coming home after a night out - or indeed heading out...

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i really wanted to do such things as go to bars for gigs but couldn't figure out a way to get the 20 yr old boyfriend in grrrrr.

sounds like a great gig - would be awesome to get them over here - would be worth a giggle or 3!!

Ah yes, the drinkin' age is different there isn't it?

They are allegedly going to be in Melbourne for the comedy fest next year. Lets hope so!

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