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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Old Friends and Duck Fat
Drawing of a trike
Wednesday evening we went out for dinner at an "English" themed pub somewhere in Columbus. We where joined by a chap called Anthony Gilbert, who I knew at Uni, but who I haven't seen in about three years (longer maybe, I last saw him at going away drinks for his trip to Korea to teach English. He more or less went straight from there to here in the US).

Anthony has hardly changed a bit, although we are all slightly older. The difference between say 28 and 35 is however less of a big deal than say 18 to 25!

Maryland is famous for it's crabs and crab cakes. But the first course we had was something called "Poulten" (I will HAVE to check the spelling on that since I got it wrong on flickr already). This is basically chips, or fries here, covered in cheese, duck fat and some small amounts of duck meat! It's Canadian apparently - it gets cold up there so things with piles of calories are a good idea! It was very tasty, I had three goes at it.

So it was lucky that my main course wasn't too huge - a Maryland crab cake served with a vegetable patty thing. The crab cakes here are indeed very tasty, unlike anything I have had elsewhere.

Strangely I didn't have space for dessert. But one of the other great things you can get here is iced tea, unsweetened iced tea. Which given it's been very damn humid is actually really refreshing, They also do this great thing here of "freshening" your drink, so one ice tea gets refilled repeatedly. I'm going to look into it when I get home... It's been nice to find things here to drink and eat which are actually relatively healthy.

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I've been getting into the iced tea lately too, although the sweet variety. I don't know if you can get the premade stuff here without it being sweetened.

I'm certainly going to look into making my own when I get back to Oz.

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