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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Things To Do On The Plane
Drawing of a trike
Well, there's not a whole lot. There is a shitty movie on with at least one case member from Friends. This was preceded by several shitty TV shows. And lots of folks have taken to walking up and down the aisles. There's a bit of an open area at the back of the plane, where I spotted an oldish lady doing some basic exercises!

And now I'm going to attempt to play a game on this tiny laptop, until the battery runs out. Which it tells me is over six hours! Good if heavy battery this one :-)

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Well, those things don't use much power :P

I could have played several games of Age of Empires back to back, but got pretty bored.

I got like a 12 cell battery for this netbook, which doubles its weight but lasts for six hours without charging.

12 cell! Then again, I suppose the cells are smaller than in a regular laptop. I have a normal 6-cell battery for my Thinkpad which gives me a bit over 4 hours (more if I take down the performance levels).

Yeah, the 12 cell thing is huge and ugly, but damn it is good! I especially appreciated it on the flight.

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