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Further Bike Observations
I fell off said ninja bike today, again. I was trying a new and not entirely successful way to ride to Deb the Girlfriend's house. Crossing a not particularly busy road in... must have been Preston at that point - I did something dumb. I was trying to get from one road to another road which was slightly offset from the road I was on, so I had to very briefly ride in the wrong direction on the road they both joined.

Which had tram-tracks on it - that was my downfall. One has to cross them at 90 degrees or there abouts, otherwise there's a good chance your wheel will slip into the rail and you'll go arse over tit. Which is exactly what happened to me... I remember looking at the tracks, thinking to myself "I need to be a bit careful with them", then seeing my front wheel slip into the track, thus turning me rather sharply and turfing me on to the road!

I said as I was landing "shit, not again."

I can down on my left leg (again) and my hands. Thankfully I've been wearing serious mountain biking gloves of late. They have a very tough and padded palm area. I initially got them because my arms would sometimes go numb from the vibrations of the handlebars, but now I will think of them as protection!

I grazed my knee and my shin, but otherwise I seem to be OK. And my bike appears to be entirely undamaged, apart from some scratching on one of the bar ends. And I broke my bell. But otherwise it was fine, which I was very pleased about.

I picked myself up, wheeled my bike off the road - luckily there wasn't any traffic for me to fall under. Once I checked both the wheels of my bike, and that I hadn't crushed my iphone, I continued on my way.


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