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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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I Confess: My Life Doesn't Suck
Stooges Dancer
I have to confess - my life doesn't suck. Which will thereby fuck my career as a stand up comedian... :-)

Speaking of which, last Saturday night, I greatly enjoyed Songs from the 86 Tram, Justin "Bedroom Philosopher" Heazlewood. Or should I say "My man Justin" since he knows me well enough to chat to me :-)

Having said that, it'd probably not make a lot of sense to someone not from Melbourne. Even less sense to anyone who had never been on that tram line. It goes past my house - I know what he's talking (I mean singing) about.

Rest of my week: Monday I drove out to Warburton, to hang with one half of my family. My little first cousin once removed Asher was turning 21. I remember when he was born because I was a witness on his birth certificate!

Tuesday I had to drag myself in to work. After I work I met up briefly with alivicwil, which was ace. She is one of a select group of people who follow me on Twitter, facebook and here (tortoises, rinnywee and reddragdiva being the others!)

Then I had to take myself out to Trivia at a pub in Richmond with some more of my peeps.

Wednesday after work I had a gathering of the people I used to share a house with - the appropriately named "Northcote House Of TISM". We had a few drinks at Spleen, then some curry.

Here we are:
This is six of the seven people who lived in said house over the years. This was at our last party there. Left to right: Richard, George, Luna, Ben, Barbara, me! This must have been in early 2004...

Thursday, yet another trip to the gym. Friday, tonight, I popped into an MTUB meetup to chat to a whole pile of talkative nerds. Then I popped into Go Go Sushi Train and had a pile of plates of Sushi.

On the way home I dropped in on my old friend Geoff who was in a Japanese restaurant celebrating his housemate's birthday.

And then riding home I bumped into some more cyclists and a dog I know, who were at the tail end of a pub crawl!

So, in short, it's actually not been a bad week.

And... Check out these nerds!