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Scenes From April 2009
Orange Hair
Some things I got up to in April of 2009... Er, the 13 days of it we've had so far!

There was a wedding, as I mentioned. My sister got married! So I had to dress up a bit:

And then pull stupid faces:

(Note rose, which was provided by Zach the groom!)
Note also this is more dressed up than I think I'd ever been...

My cat was rolling around being cute in the sun on my driveway. Then he stopped as I got my camera out. Ah well:

(Hmmmm, this isn't improving my image of this blog as being a series of comments about my cat... It's Crazy Old Cat Man!)

And of course, when you get dressed up, you can't forget the nail polish. My dark blue has seen better days, I'll have to get some more. Oh yes, and on the left we have my sisters wedding band on the right the engagement ring:

And finally I was hanging out in the city with my first cousin once removed Clea. This chair at Mag Nation tried to eat her:


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