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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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I was greasing the chain on my bike this morning, with my bike upside down resting on it's handlebars and the seat. I noticed when I was spinning the back wheel that it was rubbing against the brake pad as it spun, but only on a short section of the wheel.

Looking at the wheel spinning, I realised it was rubbing against the rim for part of its rotation - my back wheel was no longer "true", it was slightly bent from flat. Speaking to more experienced bike types I quickly diagnosed the problem, the rear wheel had a broken spoke! I mean, it was quite clearly snapped near the centre of the wheel.

Anyway, I made a quick trip to Human Powered. They had spokes that fitted, but they were silver, and not black like everything else on my bike (it's an Emo bike! Or indeed a Ninja Bike!). But hey, they fitted. They also sold me some mud guards which were too small for my bike... Will have to take them back and have a word with them...!

Louisa of Bike Fix fame happens to live with my GF, and she was kind enough to put it all back right for me. Popped the wheel off, replaced the spoke, trued the wheel with a special wheel truing apparatus. And then she pumped my tires to a pressure about 30% higher than I'd ever pumped them too! That'll make riding interesting...