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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Getting Out Of Town
Orange Hair
Somehow I've managed to get out of town in all three of the last weekends. Not bad for a guy who rarely strays outside of Zone 1 :-)

On the Sunday of the Labour Day long weekend, I took a little spin down to the Twelve Apostles. Why? Only because I'd never been there. However, if I was looking for quiet spot, I was to be sorely disappointed - there must have been three hundred people there. Not to mention at least three helicopters taking sight-seers on almost constant trips.

I took the inland route - I know from experience the "Great" Ocean Road is windy, narrow and a full of tourists. So I drove down through Colac, stopping for a Pizza on the way down... And a fish burger on the way back :-)

I arrived fairly late in afternoon, around 5PM. So the sun was setting behind the main collection of Apostles. Which the camera on my Iphone couldn't cope with, and produced this picture:

Talk about an alien landscape!

I was asked by no less than three different sets of people to take pictures of them with the Apostles in the background.

Just down the road, you can get down to a beach where you can see them from a different angle:

Making this one look like a weird Gothic pirate ship coming in to port!

Then, the weekend after that, I went to... Well, have a guess from this picture:

If you said "Airshow", you'd be right.

I caught a ride with some friends of mine, who have this obsession with getting an early start. So they picked me up at 7.20AM on a Saturday morning!??!? I was able to make me way out of bed for this - just.

Anyway, we probably needn't have bothered. Almost as soon as we arrived, a really interesting cold front rolled over the whole area, and it started pissing down rain. So the flying was delayed for the better part of an hour and half. And I discovered that my amazing orange rain gear, which I ride in, was less waterproof than it looked. Rain started gathering in my sleeves, not to mention the puddles that formed in my shoes. I was almost ready to go home when the rain finally let up.

We went for a bit of a wander while it was pissing down. There was a lot of interesting aeroplanes parked about the place - including a Qantas A380, the biggest passenger plane in the world. I can report that it was indeed very large. And a lot of folks where using it as an extremely expensive umbrella.... At which was not much good, since the rain seemed to be running around the fuselage and down on to the ground right under the plane.

I also saw a Wedgetail - in fact, this very one in this exact location. When I worked at the DSTO, I worked on a project for four years modelling this bloody thing in software. I know waaaaaaay too much about it.

I have lots of other photos of the airshow, but I haven't had them developed yet. Yes, developed, they're on film!

Oh, and here's a rather bad picture of a rather good P-51 Mustang;

And finally, this past weekend, I went to an exhibition at a regional gallery in Mornington of portraits by this chap:

That of course being Jeffrey Smart. A good, if small exhibition. I was most amused by the euphemistic references to his "Companions"... Can we just say "Boyfriend"? It's the twenty first century for crying out loud, not 1950's Adelaide!

This weekend I will probably end up in... Coburg :-)