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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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My Monday: Beds, Bikes, Brothers
Things what I did (or learned) today:

This morning, I bought a bed. Well, a mattress in fact. Trouble is the damn thing doesn't get delivered for over a week.

Got two awesome pillows too.

Anyone what a 3.5 year old futon???

Then I visited my beautiful girlfriend. Her housemate is a bike GENIUS. She greased my chain (that sounds rude!), moved my rack back a bit so I'm less likely to kick my panniers. And more importantly, she attached the Bar ends I picked up from a bike shop on Saturday. This was actually a non-trivial operation, since it meant moving my gear change/brake control things inwards a little, cutting holes in my handlebar grips and sliding them in a bit as well, to expose the actual handle bar. And then securing the bar ends! But boy, they make a big difference, I like them a lot. My bike is coming together...

Had dinner with my dad and my little brother. My little brother - who is strictly speaking my half brother - has been researching his mother (who is, unfortunately, long dead, having succumbed to cancer back in about 1988). He's been tracing her ancestors. Her grandmother on that side was called Norma and was the biggest ocker Aussie woman you can imagine! Anyway, it turns out her parents - my brother's great-grandparents - were from the UK (or Europe, he's not sure) and his great-grandfather delighted in the name Moses Joseph! Which means he was most likely a Jewish gentleman, which means technically my little brother is Jewish! Which might actually explain his complexion and hair colour, which are several shades darker than mine. Which wouldn't be hard, I look like I was chipped from marble... And no, vedmajulia he is not available :-)

Speaking of which, my little sister is engaged to a chap of Russian-Jewish extraction from New York. And might be converting to said religion. All in all it's been a very Semitic day :-)
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Re: For Lease, one Julia

That's always the fun bit :-)

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