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Eddie Perfect and a Certain Musical
It's Time!
OK, enough of the one line entries (I blame Twitter)!

I have a minor dilemma.

I'm a big fan of a chap called Eddie Perfect, who I think is a bit of a musical genius. I happened across him almost by accident three or four years ago when he was doing a show at the Malthouse called "Drink Pepsi Bitch!" He's funny, he's clever and he has a great voice. I also have the CD's from a couple of his earlier shows "Welcome to the Inside of Ed's Head" and "Angry Eddie". I hum his tunes, and I've also seen him with his band perform at Trades Hall, and he was in the production of "Keating! The Musical We Had To Have" that I saw in '07... Anyway, I like the guy.

(Listen/watch some of his stuff on myspace. Yuck I hate that site...)

He's cute too.... OK, this is all getting a bit gay :-)

Anyway, he has chosen for his latest subject, a certain Shane Warne who, I believe, plays, or played, a game called Cricket. I hate cricket, and I have a fairly low opinion of cricketers. Well, I'm sure some of them are decent enough blokes, but damn, to get paid heaps to throw a ball at someone...

So, Shane Warne the Musical has been playing since December, and seems to be getting pretty good reviews. Eddie (we're on first name terms because I chatted to him after a show once :-) has spent most of the past three years on it... And stars in the show... Which all begs the question, given I like the performer, but find the subject matter at least disinteresting, if not downright annoying, should I go see the show?

Poll #1352512 Eddie Perfect as Shane Warne

Go See It?


I should also mention that I'm pretty broke right now, trying to save for an overseas trip, amongst other things!


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