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Random Bits of Flotsam and Jetsum
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Warning: this entry will have no coherent thread.

I've been noticing lately that Livejournal is, in some senses, becoming less of a set of journals I read and more of an aggregator of other stuff. For example a number of folks get their daily twitters posted here, I Can Has Cheezburger and XKCD both have RSS feeds I follow. In fact some days I don't see many actual entries...

BTW, rinnywee, hestia and alivicwil, I follow you all on twitter so the loud twitter feed is redundant in my case :-) In fact I turned mine off some months ago. In fact, in at least two cases, I follow you on Twitter, Livejournal AND Facebook!!!!

Speaking of twitter, I have been having far far far too much fun following this little tacker!

In other news.... Got a postcard from tortoises from Vietnam. That was cool.

Saw the MSO play Beethoven's 9th symphony, the Choral, at the Sidney Myer Music bowl tonight, which was pretty great I have to say. It's an ace piece of music for starters. The venue is not perfect, for a period it became a concerto for orchestra and crying baby, but the little guy(?) went to sleep pretty quickly.

I have tickets to Tim Minchin and Justin "Bedroom Philosopher" Haezlwood at le comedy festival. Cool.

My flat got inspected today, I assume, there is no evidence the Satan, I mean, the real estate agent, has been through the place. But this does mean I can start messing the place up again and get my cat back from my relatives. I miss him, despite the daily biting!

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If I can't spam you in at least 3 different ways, then where is my happiness? :P

That sounds like the contents of a fortune cookie!

And yes indeed, sometimes I do see the same content on all three outlets :-)

Aren't we also connected in Friend Finder? Or whatever it's called these days.

How about Myspace? :-)

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