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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Kids and Music and What Have You
Einstürzende Neubauten
A number of my cousin's have kids, many of whom are under ten. They largely regard me as Benevolent Uncle Paul, who is handy for climbing on etc. In other words, they like me a lot.

Anyway, I was hanging out with one o' them earlier today, she's about eight, and she was showing me stuff she could do on the piano. I say piano, but this was more of a keyboard, which would probably have been the envy of the guys from ELO. It had a display showing the notes you were playing, which fingers you should be using, a metronome thing that noted each note in a bar, and whole suite of drum machine accompaniment!

She then played me a techno version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"! Mozart, I said, was turning in his grave! I'd also let on that I'd learnt piano as a child, and she insisted that I play her something. I had to try and explain that I hadn't played a note since about ten years before she was born. This machine, however, shat all over the upright piano I was forced to learn on...

Then she showed me something she was working on on her dad's laptop. This kid was using Garage Band on an Mac Laptop to create songs! Based on a book she was reading! Damn, things have changed a lot since I was an ankle biter!

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I think I commission a piece from her called "Paul is Smelly".

But if she's precocious, won't she be past the "boys are smelly" stage?

More like "Paul is Olfactorily Displeasing"?

The "Boys are smelly" stage can last until at least the age of 25 :-)

And the concept is still funny. "Ha ha, you're stinky!"

I don't really think I went through a "boys are stinky" phase.

But then, the boys I like smell nice :)

I think most girls under ten think of boys as another species, at least until their hormones go a bit haywire!

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