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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Falling Off My Bike and On My Ass
I came off my bike last night. Well, that sounds more dramatic than it was. I came off my bike and fell on my arse might be a better description.

The embarrassing part is it was entirely due to my own silliness.

I'd been having dinner with my delightful girlfriend, and we were riding our bikes the short distance home. Deb got ahead of me, and was standing up on her pedals and wiggling her bottom - as she is want to do! I thought "Right, can't let that pass without a good slapping!" So I pedalled madly to catch up with her, with one hand out ready to grab her bottom as I rode by!

So, I caught up with her, but at the same time as going the high speed grope, my left handlebar whacked her handlebar, and suddenly I was weaving all over the road - till I went over on my side with my bike on top of me!

Laughing all the way mind you. I mean, I have only myself to blame!

I landed on my left side, Deb said I did quite an impressive job of rolling to take the impact on my shoulders, but I don't remember doing any such thing! I stood up almost straight away - I actually think being muscular and stocky probably helped - and righted my bike whilst Deb raced over all concerned.

She needn't have worried. I grazed my left calf slightly, and I chipped my thumb nail, but otherwise I'm fine. There were some quite impressive gravel marks on the back of my riding shirt too. I was actually more concerned about my iphone, which I felt like I'd landed on, and my bike and my pannier and its contents. Needless to say, they were all fine, I can't have been going more than about eight kilometres an hour.

I was please that Ninja Bike was entirely unharmed. Sometimes I envy riders on sleep racing bikes, but then they aren't as robust as a Hybrid, this being why I got one!