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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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More on the Victorian Bush Fires
Tram In Snow
The ABC has a long and scary list of where people have been killed. It's up to 135!!!!

The story is also top of the page at the BBC News website.

There has also been quite a lot of activity on Twitter, enough so that it's been noted by the major media outlets.

And the company I work for donated $2 Million (yes, million!) to the bushfire appeal today!

Deb went out to check on her pony yesterday, he's in a paddock out towards Kinglake. He was fine, and unfazed, more interested in apples than anything else. Deb thinks he'd be sensible enough to hop in to the dam if a fire came by. Mind you, horses are notoriously flighty... She said all the hills out north of there were black...