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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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366 Days
Deb and Paul
Yesterday, Feb 3rd, was my first anniversary with Deb. Yay!

In case I hadn't posted enough pictures of her here, here is another:

(Deb is the one on the right in this picture :-)

I can't pretend it has snuck up on me, since I've been noting ever month anniversary ("We've been going out for three months", "We've been going out for eight months!" etc.) To the extent that I had a reminder in my calendar on my phone :-) Which I have since deleted, will stick to the major anniversaries from here on. Deb called me a "dag" for remembering these things, but secretly appreciates it.

I measure the start of our relationship from our second date, when we kissed in the NGV (National Gallery o' Victoria) in the middle of an exhibition of, er, I think it was relatively modern European aaaaaaart.... Ah, here we go, it was Modern Britain, lots of interesting Stanley Spencer's and the like. Although, ahem, in retrospect I might still have been dallying with one or more other lady friends around that week. Ahem.

After the gallery we went and snuggled in the park across the road. We went out again a week or so later, and, well, here we are a year later...! Cool.

So we celebrated with some bike riding and a trip to Shakahari in Carlton. Which, I have just found out, means "Vegetarianism" in Hindi.

Having said all this, I'm a bit cautious about getting excited about relationships. I mean, I am extremely optimistic about this one, and the fact that everyone who has met her also adores Deb. But I've been in... let me see... Well, I think think of four women I've dated for 12 months or so, two I've dated for two and a half years, and one I went out with for five years. So, well, in fact, it's a wonder I embark on relationships at all any more!

Actually, I met Deb at an interesting time. I'd broken up with someone who shall not be named in October of 2007, and having lived with two different women for over three years of the proceeding five, I decided to give the whole relationship thing a rest, unless I should happen upon someone particularly nice who I really couldn't pass up.

Which is what happened on NYE at the end of 2007. Deb was on the same bike ride as me. Interestingly she was more or less in the same place, having broken up with someone around the same time. And indeed it was over a month from when we first met till we actually went and had Chai :-)

And here I am... Long Term Relationship guy. It must be serious - I went out and bought a bike ;-)

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Congratulations. My, how the time flies!!

Ta! And yes it does, I hear you have two kids now :-)

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