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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Wanted: Travel Advice
Hey all, I'm busy booking a ticket around the wooooooooorld. I'll be in Europe and the US in May and June (er, not in that order...)

Anyway, I've never been anywhere. So, if anyone has any suggestions for things I should see in the following cities, or their surrounds, please comment:

New York
New York
Phnom Pen

In fact, if you have any travel advice of any kind I'd be keen to hear it!!!

Busily looking up locations of various Legolands - there's one in Germany :-)

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Washington - HB says you have to walk the Mall, look at the Capitol Bldg, White House, Washington and Lincoln Memorial. He also liked the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, American Natural History Museum and the National Gallery (he was surprised that he enjoyed that!). He also liked the Korean and Vietnam War Memorials (near Lincoln Mem)... but he's History Boy!

I could list a whole stack of things about London, but our dinner's just arrived!

My biggest piece of advice is to do one of those red/big bus tours as soon as you can upon arriving in a city. It helps you get a feel for where things are, you7 should learn about the city, and if you end up not having time to get to a famous attraction, at least you'l have gone past it in the bus!

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I'm a politics tragic, so I'll be walking the Mall, looking at the Lincoln Memorial, staring at the Capital and the White House.

Also planning to go to at least two branches of the Smithsonian. And the Vietnam war memorial....

well for all things new york i can help you out - largely because i go there every year. And i'm going there again in 6 weeks (yay me!)
so can help you out with plenty of advice there (but not right now i'm all hot and bothered)

otherwise more than happy to give you any advice - i'm a qualified travel agent so i can at least point you in the right direction and whatnot.

remind me to recommend some stuff before you go away - perhaps when i'm not buggered from a shit day at work (like today hahahah)

how exciting that you're going away. i'm dreadfully jealous - i would majorly love to go on a round the world adventure

How does one become a qualified travel agent?

Why do you go to NY every year? Wait, I think I know the answer to that - you're secretly an American aren't you???

If you ask nicely (and send me your address in a somewhat more private forum) I'll send you a postcard :-P

thankfully no i'm not american. but my stepmother and my brother & sister are.

promise me you'll see a broadway show while you're there. its one of those must do things in my opinion.

And while we're going on musts - there's a gorgeous sicilian restaurant called Carmine's which is beyond words. they serve all their meals family size. so you don't got a bowl of pasta for yourself - you basically have to order something that the whole table will eat.

if my brain was working more i'd think of more things to tell you about but alas my brain is in shut down mode at the moment

Ah, so there are American's at your house *looks around the room all shifty*

I'll think about Broadway. I was actually thinking of trying to see Letterman... But I imagine the tickets take months to get.

And a working brain is overrated :-)

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