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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Hardcore Cyclist
I am a hardcore cyclist. Or, alternatively, a bloody stupid cyclist. Below is a shot of my bicycle computer, about half way home on Wednesday the 28th of January. The number in the bottom left corner (you will have to enlarge the picture, click on it, to see it!) is the temperature:

For those too lazy, it says 41° (that's 105.8 Fahrenheit for you American types), although a few moments before it was reading 42°!

It actually wasn't too bad riding, with the wind moving about me. As soon as I stopped I was panting from the heat. People I know, mad keen cyclists, who have ridden around Australia, took the train that day...

Today was actually hotter, peaking around 44°, tomorrow will be much the same. And yes, today I took public transport, even though I knew train system would melt down in the afternoon - as indeed it did. Tracks were bending, apparently!

Tomorrow, I'm driving! I have to get to the dentist in the morning and Ani Difranco in the evening.

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I can only hope your car has air cond ;-)

It is. And I drove it all over town today.

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