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The Egyptians Are Coming!
Einstürzende Neubauten
Today, I got not one but two postcards from Egypt! Thanks to vedmajulia and Polina!

(Apparently every second bloke was trying to chat up vedmajulia because she looks vaguely Egyptian and somewhat cute ;-)

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Yes, apparently Polinchik and I are very valuable in camel rates... the boys were scheming behind our backs to set up a camel selling business on ebay :-(

What's the going rate in Camels? I'd hope a large herd of the damn things :-)

Well the evil males asked the tour guide for a realistic price (aparently no less than 2,000 camels) but guys at the market were offering 100,000,000... I could only hope they didn't actually have them because Matt was shaking hands with one guy and saying there's no refund (which he will inevitably want as soon as I open my mouth) :-(

Crikey. That's a lot of camels! :-)

I can't imagine anyone having that many camels on hand. And the main problem here was that you weren't Jack's to sell ;-)

You'd think so but both Jack and Matt were very much getting in on the act :-( My friends are mean to me!

This is why you have fingernails, young lass :-)

And that's why I came back to London, unmarried :-)

There there, I'm sure we'll find you a nice bloke soon. Perhaps a minor royal... Here we go, this bloke seems like a nice catch :-)

He's not that attractive AND already taken...

Bugger. Well, there goes that plan then :-)

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