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More Stupid Shit From The Far Corners of the Internets
Einstürzende Neubauten
I wish I was making this up: Nuff nuff takes 26 years to finish rubicks cube. I know people who can do it in about thirty seconds...

And in the dying days of the Bush presidency, why don't you have yourself pardoned? (The US president has the power to pardon almost any crime. President Ford notoriously pardoned Nixon for example. And the really dodgy pardons tend to happen in the very last days of a presidency, since there'll be no time left for criticism. So expect Bush to pardon a whole cast of dodgy characters in the next few days...)

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his numers have been so low for so long I don't see his need to wait...

but yes, the last days always have the most contreversial Pardons, Didn't Clinton pardon his brother in law? and Bartlet pardoned Toby on his last day (oh wait, that was just my TV president)...

Bush actually pardoned, er, was it Scooter Libby? Within days of him being sentenced. One of many nadirs of this presidency. I read an article at the time demanding Bush resign over that one.

And yes, Clinton pardoned an odd assortment of folks in his last days. A number of big contributors to the Democratic cause amoung them...

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