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Less Nerdy, More Musicy
Dancing Kitty
In an attempt to claw back some of the nerdy, and get onto solider ground, I did go see The Necks last night at the Corner hotel. Great gig!

I'd described them to the delightful Deb as an improvisational jazz band, for want of a better description. I mean, they're an upright bass player, a drummer and a pianist, which sounds like a jazz lineup. Although Deb pointed out that it could just as easily have been a Folk or Country lineup. Either way she really enjoyed them.

I also bumped into a guy I know from waaaaaaay back at the gig. Dave Lang, a dude I first met in about 1976 or 1977 when we were both in primary school. Damn. That's a long time ago!

They always play two sets, which begin with them standing there in silence until one of them starts playing. Then the others slowly join in... And they play for about 45 minutes until, suddenly with a big finish, they stop. I have no idea how they do it. Most of their albums are one track of fifty or more minutes duration.

In other music news, the Primitive Calculators are playing their first gigs for 30 years. Don't really know that much about them except I liked their appearance in Dogs in Space.

And, finally, the Ding Dong lounge have confirmed that The Melvins are playing on Tuesday the 27th o' Jan. Tickets go in sale tomorrow, time to further burn the credit card.

And Deb is dragging me along to someone called Colin Hay next week. Damn, it is the summer of ROCK!!!!!

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I would have gone if it weren't for Mr Scruff's mammoth 5 hr set the next day. Man, he spun some wicked beats.

I understood some of the words in this entry. They were "Beats" and "The" :-)

You're not that old, hahaha!

No, not that old, but I suspect we have different musical tastes :-P

Indeed. I mean, it's so hard to find anyone who likes early classical music...

:P you see what I did there?

Ah yes, banging me because I'm old. Just because I can remember the 1970's doesn't mean I'm that old :-P

Beside, early classical must means Twitch-era Ministry doesn't it?

Hahaha, you missed it. I actually do listen to classical music. For classical musicians, early means pre-1750. I also play early music too :)

I do listen to some classical music, but not a lot. I did enjoy the Metropolis Symphony.

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