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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Visiting The Pony
Tram In Snow
Deb the aforementioned GF has a pony. Well, in fact, he's a horse, but he's a little horse, not much taller than a pony. I have a theory that pony's are really just like large grass-eating cats, and mostly today's visit bore this out.

Presto the pony took a liking to me (or, more likely, had an itchy head). He rubbed his head against me - just like my cat does. And you thought cat hair was bad:

Note to self: don't wear black when visiting a white horse...

But we seemed to get along well enough:

And presto was then ready for his close up:

Presto the Horse clearly likes Deb:

The plastic bag she's holding had had chopped up apple in it, but he'd snarfed them all already. So vigorously my hand was covered in horse spit. See, just like a large cat! And then he was looking for more treats. He stuffed his face so much he later coughed up some apple bits.