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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Things I Did Today
Things I did today, on this day I believe they call Christmas.

Tried, and failed, to make Gluten Free Speculaas. I think the gluten free flour I used sucked all the moisture out of the mixture, so when I came to actually making it into biscuit shapes, it was far too dry and crumbly. Next time I'll try a different kind of flour, and not leave it sit for so long. And I won't make two kilos of mixture!!!

I gave a large number of piggy-backs, to little second cousins Milla and Nina. And slightly larger GF Deb :-)

Gave a large number of gifts to said girlfriend, including two Dr Who box sets, a Cookie Monster mobile phone sock, and some RAM for her PC (romantic!) This is on top of the aforementioned rusty BMX bike.

Speaking of said bike, I was helping Deb move stuff into her new house this evening. I gave her an old computer desk I had in my flat, and I arrived back at her place before she did while ferrying it there. So I borrowed said bike, and rode it around her street some. Having a bike with no brakes is novel, I scraped a fair bit of tread off my shoes stopping it. Goodness knows what her neighbour made of it when she spotted me - a substantial thirty something man in aviator sun glasses with two spikes of hair jelled up like antenna, riding a brake-less bike with a bent slightly flat front wheel around and around a cul-de-sac...

Let see, what else. My uncle delivered my mother to my flat from Geelong. We proceeded to my aunt's place for some Christmas lunch. Then I took my mother out to the airport, she was flying to the Netherlands today! What with being from there and all. The airport was really, really, really quiet, I recommend it as a good day to fly. But damn it, the observation deck is closed so I couldn't go look at the big fly fly airplanes!

I got William Shatner's version of "Common People" stuck in my head. Which I partly cured by watching this:

Um, ok, I also went down a slide in a kids playground about five times, at one point getting involved in a game which seemed to consist of running too many people down a slide, one after the other, and squashing each other together. Not entirely sure what the point of this game was, but it did keep my little relatives amused for a good fifteen minutes. And when they're stuck on a slide, they're easy to tickle :-)

I also at stacks of mango mousse, and some Kransekake, which is the most awesome dessert known to human kind! I have a Norwegian aunt who makes it, but only on special occasions like Christmas. Yum!!!!

And now I'm chatting to tortoises and one of my cousins. And really it is time for bed.

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LOL @ Gluten free flour, wtf? When I was vego (for about 5-6 years), at the start I tried making all the things I liked, but without meat, they mostly failed. I gave up and just started making veggie meals that were not trying to pretend to be meat and my food got a whole lot better :)

Your GF is lucky, mostly for the BMX, I look forward to seeing how it gets done up, go nuts!

They close the airport observation deck? WTF? I LOOOOVE that spot, it makes me feel like magic is happening right in front of me. Planes lifting off the ground, taking people to adventures in far off places. I've cried a lot there, never when saying bye, but seeing the aircraft move off.

I LOVE WILLIAM SHATNER'S SINGING! He is so awesome! I have both his albums. Along with Common People, Lucy in the Sky with Diamods are the best :)

Happy Happy Times =D <3

Yeah, the trick with being a vegetarian etc. is to make a completely different set of dishes. Some things will only ever work with Meat - pies for example.

And yeah, the observation deck was closed "until further notice". Which was the same sign that was there the last time I went looking a year or so back. Boo! I'll have to go to the airshow!

I bought Shatners "Has Been" because Henry Rollins was on it, but it's actually good, as a decent musical album, which was a surprise.

Yeah Has Been is a more traditional album, done in conjuction with well known artists, its a good CD.

His first, The Transformed Man, was more weird and experimental. Like it has Shakespear readings, lol.

Now I'm going to have to spend my day looking at Pulp parodies on youtube! :-)

As I am a person who can't eat wheat, you may be surprised to hear that I *despise* "gluten free".

I use Spelt flour, which has a different kind of gluten in it. It's an ancient grain. Wheat is an "improvement" on it, in terms of baking "performance" but spelt remains more digestible.

Is a product like this likely to cover the need you are trying to cover?

Deb is a very serious coeliac, she can detect crumbs left in butter from other people's toast! Um, so, if this spelt is really gluten free, she'll know about it. I mean, it's not just wheat she can't handle, most grains are a problem.

BTW I got a DVD of Keating for myself for christmas!

Poor thing :-(

No, spelt is not "gluten free" just different gluten, and some people who can't handle wheat can handle spelt. So, it's definately NOT something you want.

And on the Keating thing - we got a copy for Christmas too!!!!!!! I was very happy at that :-) We saw it in its first ever season, in that tiny little cabaret parlor in Trades Hall, so I wonder how much it changed by the time it got recorded on DVD.

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