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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Early Christmas Present
I gots Deb an early Christmas present. Early mostly because I couldn't really find a place to hide it in my tiny flat or my car for that matter.

I have to say, it hit the jackpot, I've never seen anyone so excited about a present. I present as evidence the following:

That's a roughly five to seven year old Mongoose BMX bike, which has had a rough life. I picked it up from Lower Templestowe the other night after buying it on Ebay that afternoon! I gave it to Deb today, which is why she is riding it in my bedroom - note oblique shot of my bathroom to the right :-)

I figured we could just use the frame, make a bit of a project out of it, but Deb had other ideas! She pumped the almost flat tyres, and miraculously they stayed up. They looked like they were buggered. The front wheel is visibly bent, and missing spokes, and someone has spray-painted the rim and the tire green. It also entirely lacks brakes, although there is the remains of the rear brake sitting around the back wheel. Deb wants to get foot pegs for the front and rear wheels, then learn to do tricks on it. And in her own words "seriously injure myself!"

And now... I want one :-)