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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Fuji The Car is No More
Krazy Kat
RIP Fuji.

More pictures to follow, once I get them off my phone. Fuji has finally gone on to his final resting place - Subabits in the southern suburbs. I took him for his last five minute drive, out to a spot where the tow truck could collect him. I feel somewhat sad, I had said faithful steed for just shy of eight years. In fact I was buying him about now in 1999, picked him up just after new years. I know, it's just a car, but damn, a lot has happened while I've had him! When I bought Fuji, I was living in a student dive in West Brunswick, for example. That was four houses ago now (er, let me think - West Brunswick, Northcote, North Caulfield, Northcote again... Yeah, that's four I guess.) Not to mention several relationships ago.

Anyway, now I'm debating whether to continue the tradition and cover the back of Lenny the New Car with stickers. I will get a RRR sticker and see how that goes, but at least at present he looks far too clean and pristine. He is still an excellent and shiny shade of White.... Hmmmm, I haven't stickered up my new bike either... I guess it's unusual for me to have nice new things :-)

Damn, I am all grown up...

It does feel a bit like losing a pet, maybe a minor pet, like a goldfish, not a serious pet like a cat!