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Gnarly Old Cartoonist Ron Cobb
Dancing Kitty
I was delighted to re-discover lefty cartoonist (amoungst other things) Ron Cobb just now on the internets. Back in the late seventies or early eighties, I remember being fascinated by his cartoons in a couple of books owned, possibly, by my parents. I really should chase up if they still have them, they're long out of print. He has a website, which is a bit awkwardly arranged (one suspects by the artist himself) which is here.

Cobb does a great drawing with a great deal o', er, well, here's an example:
This is from 1975, but could have been from yesterday...

Needless to say I was delighted to discover a few galleries of his work on his site, notably from the 60's and 70's, from the 1970's, when he moved to Sydney from California.

Looks like he's mostly being doing film and video game work for the last couple of decades. Including directing a film called "Garbo", which I remember being reviewed at the time thusly: "Not just bad on an Australian scale, but bad on an international scale." Damn!

Another picture for you all:

I might try and look him up next time I'm in Sydney.

As usual, I came across his website via the Wikipedia while I was looking at something else, in this case the page for the film Dark Star. Which I picked up on DVD the other day, and was using to test out a new portable DVD drive :-)


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