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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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More Quotes from my Friends
Flaky Tree Friend
vedmajulia tends to blog in Russian. Which means I get to have fun with Google Translate. Which means I get to read such amazing phrases as this:

"In the case of idiotic LJ replaced my yuzerpik instead vedmochki what is a scrolling dog ?!?!? and I now find the lost image that justice prevailed, and I again became like herself."

I'm going to use the phrase "scrolling dog" a great deal in future!

Just spreadin' your fame Julia :-)

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That's what friends are for :-) Long live Google Translate!

I wonder if Google is meant to be so surreal, or if it's just that Russian has some interesting idioms that translate poorly!

I get funny things from French and German but Russian wins hands down :-)

One suspects that Russian has a peculiar turn of phrase which doesn't map very well to English phrases. I'm still giggling about Scrolling Dog, and thinking of registering "www.scrollingdog.com" :-)

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