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Last Car Post for a while, I Swear
Voting is the best revenge
Actually, that title is going to be a complete lie in a little while when I upload all the pictures I took of my dead car today.

I left out one amusing detail out of my extensive "I get a new car" story.

When I went to pick up Lenny the new Car from Melbourne Subaru (whom I highly recommend by the way, they were really, really good to me), they took me up stairs for the hand over.

They ushered me into a room, in which my new car was turning around and around on a car turntable thing! It was all I could do to not burst out laughing. They were trying very hard to make an event out of it. I mean, I'm damn happy about the car, but, damn, it's just a car, just a machine for getting from point A to B.

I also noted they had a giant blue ribbon with a bow lying around. Apparently some people not only have a car turning around on the thingy, they also have a big ribbon like it's a big gift!??!? Which, I suppose, it technically could be if someone nice is getting it for you.

I've just taken the plates off Fuji the Car, and said good bye :-(


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