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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Have New Car
Naughty Kitty
Oh yeah, as noted in previous post, I've acquired a new car. Well, newer. A six year old car, as opposed to a nineteen years and nine month old car.

Guess which is the new one in this picture :-)
Which also means that technically I own two cars at the moment...

It's very very weird driving a modern car. It's quiet, the seats are supportive, the radio works, it pulls up hills at a reasonable speed, it is clean and unblemished, and has electric windows and air conditioning! Not to mention air bags and ABS and a tilting steering wheel and cruise control and, well, a whole great long list of things that the Old Car lacked. I feel like an impostor driving anything so new, or, alternatively, I feel like I really am all grown up now.

Prior to this, all my cars have been a bit privative and a bit run down. Much as I adore Fuji the Car, and have decorated him with roughly fifty stickers, he was a bit agricultural and had a tendency, especially lately, to require towing. Not to mention rusting and growing moss in parts...

The new car - which is called Lenny for reasons I will outline in a sec - is actually the fourth car I've owned.

My first car was one of these:
But without the Mag wheels. That's a 1979 Ford Escort panel van. I acquired one from my cousin back in about 1991, and then destroyed it in my one true car accident back in about 1993.

Fuji, the aforementioned ancient Subaru, was my second car, which I've owned since January of 2000.

Meanwhile, for about ten months in 2004, I was half owner of one of these:
A 1996 Mitsubishi Magna. Which was, to give it a technical description, a piece of shit. It drank about half a litre of oil for each tank of petrol.

It had belonged to my then-fiancées parents, and had amongst other things a lowered suspension. It also boasted, like all of them, a shite turning circle. It did bear me successfully on a long drive to Mildura and back in the middle of 2004, eating it's usual amount of oil. When we went our separate ways, the fiancé and I, she bought my half of the car, and I went back to driving Fuji again.

BTW, I once went out to Pick a Part, that car place where one can string a whole bunch of dead cars for parts. Magna's were well over represented in the yard...

Fuji the car is more or less dead. He runs, but over heats after about ten minutes. The radiator gets blocked every few hundred kilometres of driving. So, who wants to buy it off me? :-)

Oh, and why is my new car called Lenny? Because he was financed by a loan from my mother, which in turn was possible because of an inheritance from my grandfather, who delighted in the name "Leendert". Or Lenny for short. The guy worked a lathe at Ford in Geelong for twenty years. So, the car is named in his honour!