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My November in Pictures
Magritte's Pipe
These are more or less in sequence from my phone!
Click on each piccie to make it more biggy.

A toddler who belongs to Deb's friends destroys Deb's kitchen cupboard:

(Sorry, can't remember this cute baby's name!)

The Old and the New car (er, from right to left, oldest first!)

Speaking of Cars, we have the Lemon Wedgy, Deb's car I borrowed from her one weekend. Not sure "lemon" is a good word to have in the name of a car. Mind you, it is made from parts of three other lasers, and has a mysterious fifth gear which is not labelled on the gearshift:

My desk at work. I have a dock for a work laptop and two monitors:

Marvin, the bitey cat, was asleep like this more or less next to my head when I woke up one morning. I took this picture literally lying right next to him:

What the well dressed pimp bling cowboy is wearing these days:

Radiation Burn. If by "radiation" you mean "sunlight":

Welcome to Satan Land!!!!


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