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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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First Post from my Bed
Thanks to the new netbook and the el-cheapo wireless router, you now all have the pleasure of hearing from me from my bed. Wireless is rather cool I've decided - it's still kind of freaky seeing the internets come up on the screen when there's no cables coming out the back o' the thing.

(Also just realised I haven't added an english dictionary to this install of firefox, so this post will have more than average number of spelling mistakes. And now Marvin is trying to climb onto the keyboard. Shoo kitty!)

It's been a really long week. Partly from having just got back from holidays, partly from having too much work to do when I did get back to my desk. The damn project I've been working on for more than six months still refuses to come to a working conclusion. Stupid thing is getting me down. I've also made the interesting discovery that my project manager is not very good... She panics very easily, and often sits next to me waiting for me to solve things I don't know how to fix... Ah well, hopefully it'll all be done next week and I can move on to something else.

Anyway, had an interesting evening. I caught up with a woman called Jane, who could be regarded as a new friend. That was kind of cool. I'm thinking of upgrading her to best friend, maybe, since that position is still vacant. There are other people I should also become better friends with... Jane is a piece of work, she edits MX, and is into all sorts of incongruous music like Ice Cube and other rappers... She's an angry suburban white boy like me!

Deb popped in, in her usual extremely bright outfit. Makes her easy to spot in a crowded lounge. She'd bumped into some other folks we know, Simon and Louise, downstairs. So we all got together, and Jane made her way out to... go have a fight with her boyfriend over facebook, and she put it! Go figure.

We had dinner and went way over to North Melbourne to a place called the Monkey Bar, which makes my favourite chai, I discovered. But it was rather a long way from the cinema we were supposed to be in! I ended up in a taxi trundling down Elizabeth street - my bike it getting serviced today, which is a pity because it would have been real handy.

Watched some bike related films at the 2008 bicycle film festival, which was cool. Now I want one of those little BMX-like bikes which people do ticks on! Although something tells me my 37 year old 100 kilo body would not stand up well to that kind of thing :-)