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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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RIP Fuji the Car, long live Fuji Two.
The Good The Bad and The Ugly
My famed sticker covered 1989 Subaru DL station wagon has finally kicked the bucket. Damn :-(
He (are cars he's?) was nearly 20 years old, in fact, he'd have been twenty in February.

Here's a picture of me with said car back in 2006:

It has, if anything, more stickers since then. Notably a Obama-Biden sticker in the middle there somewhere. Plus I'm fatter now :-)

Anyway, I've had to have Fuji towed twice this year. Back in about June the engine simply stopped going while I was driving home from the gym. Turns out it was a broken cam chain or some such. So my good friends the mechanics cracked open the engine and replaced 'em.

Oh, that's right, back in April I had the entire radiator and related tubing replaced by a nice mob in North Melbourne. Apparently most of the damn thing was blocked.

Then about a month ago, I was out in Doncaster visiting my grand mother, and Fuji almost cooked himself on the way there. I had to sit under a tree for nearly two hours while the I waited for a tow truck. I took him back to my favourite mechanic - if you have a good one, stick to him! - who said the radiator was blocked again. Damn. Apparently it was either the heater scale coming loose and blocking the radiator, or the engine itself was dumping stuff into the cooling system.

In actual fact, Fuji has probably been running hot for a long time. He's chewed through two clutches in the eight years I've owned him. And various other bits have been cooked. In fact, you could argue that I've bought Fuji twice over, what with all the money I've spent on him over the years. In early 2004 I had to get the top end rebuilt, which took some weeks.

Anyway, I've got eight years out of said car. I'm a bit damn sentimentally attached to him, I have to say. Back in 2004 I ended up half owning a Magna (which was a bit crap in its own way, drank oil like you wouldn't believe) with my then fiance, and Fuji was almost retired. I'm kinda glad I kept him, given that relationship went belly up less than six months after that.

So, on the famed trip to Wilson's Prom and Walhalla, we drove Fuji, which was a bit of a risk - but it was either that or Deb's 1986 Laser which is made from parts of three other cars. And he went good all the way there, even climbing into the Alps. But on the way home, through Moe and the outer suburbs o' Melbourne, I watched the needle on the temperature gauge slowly creeping up... By the time I was breath tested near the Yarra, just off the eastern freeway, I was sure we'd have to pull over to let him cool down. But he struggled home. I've taken a couple of short drives since, but each time he gets way too hot way to fast. Which suggests the radiator is already blocked again - mind you, we did drive 675 kilometres in six days...

So, this really was the last straw.

I rang up the Mother Bank for a loan, and low and behold she had a term deposit maturing on Monday. To cut a long story short: by the middle of next week I should be the proud owner of Forester. Which is a mighty nice car to drive. I might even splash out on a decent stereo :-)

And I might restrict myself to one RRR sticker ;-)