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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Einstürzende Neubauten
The events of this morning deserve an entry of their own... After they were done, I ended up on Lygon Street at Readings Bookshop - life is hard! I almost bought a book called "I Was Told There Would Be Cake".

I had a lunch date with The Girlfriend, at her office in South Melbourne. I thought it would take me ages to ride there - I've been riding my bike everywhere this week - so I got riding at about 11.15AM. By 11.35 I was next to Jeff's Shed already, about half a block from her office. Riding sometimes is weird that way. Lygon Street to Swanston Street, then along the Yarra and across the old Sandridge train bridge, along the front of the Casino, and you're more or less there. Cool.

Mind you, mighty hot day to be riding.

Had lunch with The GF, provided cuddling, then rode back into the city. I had to find a Sanity music store because I was given a Sanity gift voucher for my birthday... And you can imagine what a hard time I had finding anything I wanted in the Sanity store. I almost felt like messing with their brains, asking difficult questions like "Do you have any early Swans? How about Diamandas Galas?" Eventually I left with four DVDs, and yet I still have $30 to spend. The movies where "Dark Star", "Lilo and Stich 2", "No Country For Old Men" and one of the new Futurama movies. All things I could probably have lived without...

The next part of my day could be described thus:
I met up with an Asian teenager I met on the internet.
Or less suspiciously:
I met up with tortoises for a bubble tea. She brought along her friends Anna and Lex, and we talked about World Of Warcraft, or some earlier incarnation there of.

Bubble tea is cool.

I went and looked at laptops at Harvey Normans, decided that they were all too expensive and really I don't need one. I mean, I have (counts on fingers) three laptops here already, ranging from completely dead to mostly dead. Not to mention the other computers! Time to do a purge. Does anyone need an old server?

Came home and had a well deserved shower. Then I popped out to the Wesley Anne - which is a beautiful venue - to see Justin Heazlewood amoungst others. Justin is also known as the Bedroom Philosopher, and hence is the most famous person I know! We chatted a bit, I insisted he become more famous, since he's a great deal funnier than a load of other acts out there.

Here being an example:

Then I wandered home, got bitten by my cat, and wrote this!!!
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Dark Star is awesome, and terribly crap too. :)

I'd never heard of Bubble Tea until now, I'll have to give it a try.

Yes, Dark Star is great and yet crap at the same time.

Bubble Cup in QV has a decent bubble tea. I get the mango milk tea with pearls. It's not really bubble tea without the pearls!

Is that Graham Garden (the Goodies) look intentional?

Goodie Goodie Yum Yum

Good question. His hair and sideburns vary in length every time I see him, but he does go for a bumbling daggy look, which could be a bit Graham Garden sometimes....

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