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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Weird Dreams
Dancing Kitty
OK, this is what I can report from the land of Nod...

I dreamed I was somewhere in the US at a US Military recruiting event with my mother. She was trying to get me to join the army or the marines! I had to as if I was allowed to because I wasn't a citizen!

Possibly a different dream: My mother was telling me that my grandmother had got a job in France as a broadcast technician for a football team. She was saying it was fourteen years since my grandmother had had a job, but she was getting on a plane. I was sceptical that she was qualified. (My grandmother died back in about 2003...)

OK all you amateur shrinks out there - what was that about????

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The first one. Maybe you are uncomfortable with the USA military regime being forced into your life... like the rest of us :)

I don't know, Dr. Gleep, I mean, I don't remember being particularly upset about having to join. I think I was more worried that I wasn't eligible.

Hmmm, I am off to the US next year, maybe it's about the US customs I'll have to go through.

Haha, well if you have served, then that blows my dream-reading away.

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