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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Mah Twitters For Today
Drawing of a trike
  • 13:45 At a lookout on a fairly high hill. Location: gpstwit.com/fem #
  • 15:20 Edge of Squeaky Beach. Interesting rocks here! Location: gpstwit.com/fer #
  • 18:15 Curse you @mtub I already have three things on that night! #
  • 18:17 Wildlife seeing today in order of cuteness: baby and mother wombat, wallaby and an angry tiger snake! The last not cute at all really. #
  • 18:18 Baby wombat tried to eat mah girlfriends sock! Pictures to follow. #
  • 18:19 @snarkattack We may have met already, you never know. If @mtub was on a thursday like it usually is... #
  • 18:21 @pixel8ted Never mind linkedin, we facebook whores can't explain half the people in our friends list.... #
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