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Mah Twitters For Today
Drawing of a trike

  • 11:47 Buying shoes with mai girlfriend. Shoes. Oh my god. Shoes! #

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I hate your loud twitters.

I do really like your LJ posts!

If you keep posting twitters I'll continue reading your LJ, and I'll continue hating your twitters, its worth it. Still, I hate them :P

Sorry about that, I didn't really check what it was doing to my LJ. I've switched it off now and will do more real posting.

Hey don't do it just for me. I notice you do get replies to the Loud Twitters, so some people like them. As I said I'll continue reading LJ with or without your twitters :)

jeez was it national buy your girlfriend shoes day? u & my fella should start a club - he decided yesterday that I too must have shoes bought for me :)
(not that i'll ever complain)

We were actually buying our own shoes - she bought some, I bought a couple of pairs. It was actually quite a good shopping expedition.

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