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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Mah Twitters For Today
Drawing of a trike
  • 10:07 Man in Anngus Young tshirt incoming! #
  • 10:48 Listening to a track called "Fuckhead". I gotta grow some taste. Mind you 25 year old British Industrial has some fred :-) #
  • 10:48 Er. For Fred read Cred! #
  • 10:50 Absolutely glowing endorsment of Obama in today's Washington Post. Never seen anything so glowing in a right wing US paper. #
  • 10:54 @Xenex Damn. Just want a low end mac I can develop iPhone apps on. #
  • 15:14 @snarkattack I actually prefer "Pax Britanica" but yes we clearly prefer our music obnoxious. Time for some pitchshifter and napalm death! #
  • 15:16 Relaxing with a chai. This project is utterly pear shaped and there's not a whole lot I can do about it now. #
  • 18:59 Girlfriend's back yard mysteriously infested with a quartet of Scottish terriers. Woof. Like lumps of black fur with tongues... #
  • 21:01 Girlfriend used the word "Tardised" as a verb. As in "They Tardised around". Nerdy! #
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