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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Hmmmm... Not sure if I've talked about it here, but I've been on a number of wacky diets over the years. I was doing the Atkins thing for a few years there, until I decided it was quietly killing me. Having said that, it did work, for a bit there my weight bottomed out at its lowest level since I was about 24.

BTW, I don't have an obsession with my weight as such, I am actually under doctors orders to lose some. Carrying extra weight interferes with the effectiveness of the CPAP machine I use to treat my sleep apnoea. Also I have a cholesterol issue.

So, I decided a few months back to switch diets to a quasi-vegetarian (in fact a pescetarian diet, I still eat seafood.) And I can report that it's entirely possible to gain weight on a pescetarian diet. This is probably aided by the large number of things which are strictly speaking vegetarian: cake, yoghurt based smoothies, fried noodles, etc. Damn, I was looking for a simple formula for making eating related decisions.

It also probably doesn't help that I'm hardly ever home and eat out routinely.

And another counter-intuitive effect I've noticed... Since I got my bike back in May, I've actually been getting less exercise than I used to. I don't ride it every day, I take the train to work generally and take my car to things more than say ten kilometres away. Not to mention that I've hardly used my spin bike, which also sits in my tiny flat begging me to ride it.


And some fine examples of things I've eaten in the last few days...

Friday night, I popped into a sushi train restaurant in the city. You know the type of place - a little conveyor belt runs around the room with small plates with sushi on them, usually two pieces per plate. You pick off the ones you like as they go past, and in the end they tally up the number of plates you had and charge you accordingly. By the time I rolled out of there, there was a pile of eight plates in front of me.

Then Saturday night, I ended up at a Chocolate place in North Melbourne. I don't actually like chocolate, but I found they had a three cheese crepe on the menu. So I had to have that - damn, it was sooooooooooo rich.

So. Despite my frequent trips to the gym, I'm getting rounder. Damn. Oh and *burp*